Propelling Circularity Forward

Expedition Circular is part of the Stars Are Circular Foundation

The Stars Are Circular Foundation provides kids with the information and tools needed to develop into conscious, innovative and collaborative participants in a circular economy through the enhancement of social, creative and entrepreneurial skills.

Our vision is a world in which the circular economy is a reality and people can live in prosperity, within cohesive local communities and without harming the planet.

To achieve this, we believe it is key to tell kids about the values and principles of the circular economy to ensure they have both the mindset and the skill set to further the circular economy.

We foster individual strengths and talents to achieve collective impact and aim to collaborate with families, schools, entrepreneurs and (local) businesses and institutions.

Tailor made educational programs for organizers

We are involved in education in all it forms: Lesson plans for schools, Events, Workshops, Camps, you name it! We create our own adventures, and we also join forces and collaborate with others to propel Circularity forward, one adventure at a time.

Each adventure is unique, because the storyline is set with the organization involved. What is current? What are the important pillars for the organization and which topics do the participants want to explore? How can we co-create with parents, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions in the area?

Caring, Creative and Current